beVOYAGEUR is an experiential travel summit, consultancy and incubator that facilitates private-public partnerships and fosters cultural, business and socio-economic ties between our participants and networks and our partner countries’ stakeholders.

Gathering the brightest and most dynamic minds across global industries, we believe that travel is most impactful when symbiotic.  Through collaborative efforts with the highest levels of government and local partners in the private sphere, we organize truly unique trips to countries that find themselves at a crossroads in their history.  Through carefully curated and immersive experiences and meetings with senior private and public officials, we provide real opportunities for our summit participants and extended networks to become a part of our host countries’ narratives.

We want our attendees to leave these countries with a new appreciation for their long-standing traditions and cultural norms, and to launch ventures that will impact them in a positive, powerful way.  


Why We're Different

There are plenty of consultancies, communities and summits out there.  We're different.  

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Ready to take the next step? Join us at one of our Summits, and in our goal of building sustainable, impactful businesses around the world.  

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