Our consultancy arm serves both the private and public sectors.  We consult governments that find themselves at an interesting crossroads in their history and their respective private sectors in addition to private and public parties interested in doing business in the countries in which we have built relationships at the highest levels.  We are the conduit between East and West and are able to connect our clients to private and public sector leaders around the world so that they may achieve their desired ends.  We never divulge our clients, and we never divulge what they intend to achieve.  Their trust - and the results that we deliver for them - is paramount to our success.  

For the International Public Sector, our services include:

  • Experiential summits whose primary goal is to help our participants identify and understand the various socio-economic, political and business opportunities in our partner countries through conversation with local and national public and private sector leaders

  • Results-oriented summits whose primary objective is the facilitation of private-public partnerships and economic development

  • Preparation of business plans and government proposals for identified opportunities and the creation of associated fundraising and financing strategies

  • Spearheading international RFP processes on behalf of specific projects and in cooperation with relevant local and national partners

  • Recruitment and building of operating teams surrounding identified business, social impact and economic development priorities and general opportunities

  • Consistent introductions to global parties and industry leaders of interest during consultation periods

  • Owning and operating in-country businesses in partnership and / or cooperation with local and national stakeholders

In regards to our Solutions Summits, our approach and process is relatively straightforward. We:

*Engage in deep due diligence processes ahead of meeting with a country’s top private and public stakeholders

*Travel to the country seeking engagement to better understand their processes, needs and objectives across sectors, and to corroborate and build upon our prior research

*Identify, speak and meet with best-in-class industry players and leaders in order to enhance our understanding of in-country prospective initiatives

*Draft a preliminary proposal and target list of initiatives to pursue over the following 6-15 month period

*Organize an informational, experiential summit in our partner country and invite the full spectrum of all proposed initiatives to attend

*Follow up with all local stakeholders and participants

*Formulate sector-specific action plans and engage all parties to fulfill their commitments

For the PRIVATE SectoR & ENTrepreneurs, our services include:

  • Crafting targeted fundraising, logistics, and process-oriented strategies dedicated towards achieving particular ends

  • Building best-in-class, results-oriented advisory boards

  • Facilitating introductions to media outlets, brokerage firms, prospective investors, and sector-specific consultancies 

  • Facilitating conversations - and being there with you all along the way - and introductions to the right players in the countries in which we operate, so that you don't have to deal with all the red tape that paralyzes most companies before they even get an initiative off the ground