Every country has its own narrative.  We view each country through its own lens and seek to bring the best and the brightest to explore opportunities and work towards unique solutions there.


Our Mission

Our thematic summits are intended to be experiential in nature and to achieve certain ends and deliver results for both the countries we visit and our participants.  We seek to partner with our participants on all in-country ventures, handling all of their needs on the ground.

Prior to hosting an experiential summit in any prospective country, our team identifies the various opportunities that exist across verticals including: renewable energy, agricultural technology, social media platforms and other internet-based technologies, consumer products, tourism-related services, blockchain, boutique resorts and hotel developments, real estate, amongst others.  We advertise these opportunities and then accept applications from interested parties, or go out and recruit prospective participants that are best suited to exploring them.  

beVOYAGEUR believes that it is vital for any of our host country’s top stakeholders to make themselves available over the course of our summits in order to provide our participants a better understanding of their country, their roles, and their goals and objectives in their respective verticals.   

That is why our summits take place in the most beautiful locations in these countries, so that real bridges can be built, real conversations can be had, real questions can be asked - and over incredible experiences for all.  That is how we connect the world.  

What We've Achieved

  • Recruited as consultants to two Ministries of Tourism
  • Kick-started an herbal medicine company's operations in one of our host countries
  • Launched the first-ever content creators' union in one of our host countries
  • Facilitated six-figure investments in participants' companies
  • Conducted first-ever genetic testing on medicinal plant varietals in a country that had previously outlawed it
  • Kickstarted an entire country's "medicinal plant testing industry" by acquiring the buy-in of all relevant stakeholders
  • Facilitated international sponsorships of in-country sports events
  • Launched two consumer product companies in partnership with Summit participants
  • Grew participants' businesses through client acquisition, investment, and adviser and expert recruitment 

Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan Opportunities

• Fintech & refugee camps

• Agriculture & technology

• Arts, crafts & textiles

• Olive oil production & export

• Hummus brand creation & export

• Dead Sea product development

• Essential oil and herbal medicine product development

• Renewable energy (solar) and battery storage

• Boutique resort development

• Film production

• Virtual reality

Himalayan Kingdom of Bhutan Opportunities

• Agriculture & technology

• Arts, crafts & textiles

• Sports & Tour of the Dragon

• Data centers

• Commercial & private aviation

• Renewable energy (solar, wind)

• Blockchain (elections, loans, land titles)

• Boutique resort development

• Himalayan water brand creation

• Honey-based skincare product line

• Herbal medicine export

• Essential oil product development

• Film production

• Virtual reality